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7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence

How often do you look in the mirror and criticise the image reflecting back at you? Or look at a recent photo and inwardly cringe at your arms / legs / bum / belly?

Chances are...this happens quite regularly.

But what do you think your friends or family would say if they looked at the same photo? Would they criticise, or would they be more likely to mention how much fun you looked like you were having? How great your hair/skin/clothes looked? We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to negative self-talk. Having objectivity and focusing on the good points is something that many people just don’t do.

Instead…I’ll bet you, promise yourself that the next diet will be the one that works, that if you could only lose a stone life would be so much better...

The reality is that feeling good is not a number on the scales or a smaller dress size. It comes from within.

If working on turning your inner critic into your biggest cheerleader is something that you need help with, then read on.

I’ve put together 7 ways you can restore your body confidence to feel great just the way you are.

1. Focus on the things you like about yourself. Use positive self-talk and affirmations to reinforce what you like – make a list of these things. Think about what someone who loves you say to you? Be your own supporter, be kind to yourself and learn to love all of you.

2. Wear clothes you look and feel good in – store or throw away anything that doesn’t fit. You’ll feel so much better in a dress or pair of jeans that fit properly boosting your confidence.

3. Don’t weigh yourself! It’s not necessary, instead focus on how you feel every day. Do you feel strong after a workout? Do you feel light after a delicious salad? Do you feel proud for resisting that bar of chocolate?

4. Stop comparing yourself to others and avoid influences which continuously push the ‘ideal’ and encourage you to compare yourself. Look for healthy, inspirational social media feeds to follow instead.

5. Focus on your strengths – do people tell you you’re an amazing cook, a wonderful mum or a great colleague? Are you incredibly organised, the life of a party, or always there for your friends? This is what defines you, not what you weigh.

6. Think healthier, not skinnier. When you focus on eating, moving and living a life that is focused on being healthy then you’re less fixated on your weight or your body shape. Instead you’ll be more focused on all the amazing things your body can do and the experiences it brings you. And honour your body with nourishing healthy meals

7. Re-frame limiting beliefs. Do you ever hear yourself say something like “I’ve tried everything and nothing works”. Try this empowering alternative: "I haven’t really tried everything, only a few things. This time is different and I know I can change anything if I really commit to it"

If you’d like to find out more about working with a nutrition & lifestyle coach to help with your body confidence and healthy eating – especially in Peri/menopause when you’re going through changes that you may not fully understand, then visit or book an free 30 minute consultation here.

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