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To enable your company to perform at its best you need your employees to perform at their best. Mid-afternoon slumps, brain fog, absenteeism and stress can all be reduced if not avoided by simple healthy eating, stress management and lifestyle changes.

At Margaret Kavanagh Nutrition we provide bespoke, personalised employee wellbeing strategies and programmes carefully designed to ensure engagement, motivation and support to achieve your organisations objectives and employee health goals.  

These programmes can be delivered in a number of ways:

  • Nutritional education programmes over a number of weeks or months delivered online or in person 

  • Stand alone group talks, workshops, cooking demos, lunch and learn sessions (online or in person)

  • Management coaching: One to one sessions or group coaching with your key performers who are consistently exposed to high levels of stress, work long hours and have a compromised work/life balance may benefit from an in-depth nutritional and lifestyle support over a period of time. 

Examples of employee wellbeing programmes: 

  • The importance of blood sugar balancing

  • Food for mood, energy and focus 

  • Healthy snacks

  • Eating out / Healthy eating for busy professionals 

  • Optimising nutrition for health & wellbeing 

  • Managing stress & building resilience 

  • Sleep for health and productivity 

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